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Happy Valentine’s Day to all! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 

Let’s eat.

For my family’s Valentine’s dinner, we (me & my baker sister actually) chose to have our dinner delivered. Hehe. My sister had a little misunderstanding at the meat shop…anyway. We had a lot of steaks in the freezer, but our mom doesn’t fancy steak. So what’s one of her favorite dishes out there? RIBS ALA ANYTHING.

(Oh and thanks to my dad for our flowers even though he’s currently out.)

We ordered the Family Platter: Pork & Beef Ribs, and Chicken (w/ supposedly corn and mashed potatoes as side dishes, but they placed rice instead of potes. Not amused) from Racks. By car and without traffic, the restaurant is located 15-20 minutes away from our house, so they weren’t freshly cooked. However, still yummy. I liked the pork ribs best. Did the meat really fall off? YES.


Lemon Blackberry Meringue Cake

I LOVE MY SISTER’S LEMON MERINGUE, I SWARE. The tartness is perfection.

It only takes one.